Inspection Report

[img src=]1240Exterior outlet is not GFCI protected
[img src=]1110Bathroom mold
[img src=]1020Door air-conditioning
[img src=]940Missing chimney cap
[img src=]900Previous stain from a water infiltration
[img src=]880Summer Project!! Digging a basement
[img src=]740Previous foundation repair
[img src=]710Moss Growing at roof covering
[img src=]720Plumbing leaking discovered after flush the toilet
[img src=]680Roof covering condition
[img src=]630Roof covering condition
[img src=]700Sign of past water infiltration in a crawl space
[img src=]680Plumbing leaking
[img src=]700uneven walkways (trip hazard)
[img src=]660Fuse service panel
[img src=]670Roof covering condition
[img src=]600Roof covering condition
[img src=]580Two-Prong outlet
[img src=]610Missing P-trap
[img src=]660Missing P-trap
[img src=]600Double tapped breaker